About Us

The need of having independent B2B portal is started developing when every small and medium businesses were struggling send offers to unqualified leads.

Leadsbids.com started to help SME's and Corporate in developing healthy business relation. As it is starts with the trust, everyone who joins is set to be verified on signup.

By developing Leadsbids.com, we encourage all the SME's, Corporates and Industrial associations to transact all their business requirements using this platform. It will not only benefit the seller but also the buyer as it will give him a good business associate, on which he can rely.

Some features like filtering the companies and leads will help everyone to focus on specific industries rather entertaining every available leads. Such technological advancement will be added more in coming days.

Another approach of designing the leads bids structure is to let decision makers contact each other. It will not only gives you business leads but a mentor, a friend or a business partner.

So, make use of comprehensive features of LeadsBids.com to nurture your business in multiple capacity without wasting it on unworthy acts.