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"The most preferred tool for
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Add Unlimited Products & Services

Post Unlimited Buy Leads

By Industry & Location

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"An advanced platform for

Add Unlimited Products & Services

Post Unlimited Buy Leads

By Industry & Location

Immediate Access to Fresh Leads

Unlimited Contacts

Rs. 10,000/year

Query about our Plan And Pricing?


How many leads I will get, being a Pro user?

All our services are designed to be unlimited, we will be updating the leads and will be available to all our users. You will be intimated immediately if it is matching to your Industry. So matching Leads will be delivered to your Inbox irrespective of the quantity. Please keep checking for Fresh Leads.

By how much time Leads will be delayed for free members?

The Lead will be available to free members after the Lead has completed 50% of its validity.

Are there any other fees?

We have started with very honest will of helping SMEs, find quality leads. We understand the competitive environment and the problems in capturing leads. That is why we have kept many similarities in our Membership Plans. We don't charge any extra fees by any means. You may ask for Premium Services to help us grow you more.

How will Unlimited Contacts help me?

We have provisioned to filter our complete database to facilitate easy marketing. You can easily target potential industry to promote your products and services. You can do this as much as you can, our database is growing fast.

* Note - Pro Membership price is 10000 / Year but subject to change in the future without prior notice.